Sure. We can produce any type of animated video. Any style. Any look and feel. Show us what you like and we’ll create a package for you.

This depends on a number of variable but most of our videos tend to be less than 2 minutes. The biggest reason is the longer your video gets, the less engaged your audience is. If you have a lot to say it is usually a better plan to produce multiple videos and let the viewers choose the shorter bits of content they are most interested in.

After reviewing and discussing your initial brief, we’ll set to work developing the draft script and initial concepts for your video. We will work with you to produce a visual and audio script. We’ll create visuals using simple line drawings and basic animatics so that we can provide storyboards prior to animating for your review, feedback and sign off. We’ll create graphics to suit each scene and animate them using direction taken from the storyboards, timing the animation and transitions to the voiceover, sound effects and background music. We’ll revise the animation in line with your recommendations. Your video is rendered in your desired format, typically full HD 1080p 25fps MP4.

A typical turnaround time for 2min 2D/3D animation is 2 weeks. That timescale assumes fast client feedback at each stage; scripting, storyboarding and animation.

We will provide you with an MP4 high definition video file. This is a universal video file that can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or elsewhere. Once you’ve upload it to your preferred video hosting site, they’ll supply you with the code to embed the video on your website.

Sure, we’d love to! We regularly provide video support to other agencies and businesses including web design companies, marketing agencies and app designers.

Of course. We have access to dozens of voice actors in any accent or language. We’ll send you a zip file of their demo reels to make a selection.

Many of the assets created in the first animation can be applied to other videos in the series saving time and reducing the overall cost of the project. Contact us for more information about the cost of your project.

We require a 50 percent deposit for your project to get started and the remaining 50 percent is due upon project completion.

Need Help!

Just contact our support team for more details. we respond quickly because we’re always here for you.